Thailand shines again with the recent award “Best Value for Money- Dream journey for long haul destination 2023”

Thailand wins the prize for Destination 2023 in the category “Best Value for Money- Dream journey for long haul destination” for the 2nd time in in a row. The honour was given at the Travel News Market in Stockholm on November 10th, 2022.

The Destination 2023 award organized by Travel News was held on November 10th, 2022, in Stockholm, Sweden. The result is based on a survey of 1,500 Swedes across the country, and it was conducted by the research company Nordic Bench and Travel News. Mr. Mongkol Wattaro, Deputy Director Tourism Authority of Thailand Stockholm Office for the Nordic countries and the Baltic States was present during the celebrations and awards ceremony:

“Such an honor and a fantastic feeling to receive this amazing award. It shows clearly that Swedes keep Thailand as their favorite destination. With our beautiful nature, friendly hospitality, and variety of activities to enjoy as well as attractive cost of living, the value of traveling to Thailand will be worthwhile if not more. Thailand welcomes travelers back to renew and regain a memorable holiday experience.”, says Mr. Mongkol Wattaro, Deputy Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand Stockholm Office.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) continues with the concept “Amazing Thailand, Amazing New Chapters” in 2023.  We leave the pandemic behind and begin new chapters. We will focus on promoting our beautiful destinations, authentic cultures, diversified amazing nature, and local experiences. TAT highlights the importance of responsible tourism and sustainable Thailand in the coming years. A few ongoing initiatives have been taken to achieve these goals, including the Seven Greens Concept, the promotion of emerging destinations, encouraging weekday travel to decongest popular tourist attractions. Introducing low-carbon destinations such as Koh Mak in Trat province, is a part of the initiative.

Additionally, a collaborative effort between TAT and the Thai Organic Consumer Association is aimed at driving sustainable gastronomy through organic tourism. TAT, Stockholm office, will continue the work to promote Thailand’s interesting culture, beautiful nature and warm hospitality. We continue our work to ensure that Thailand continues to be the preferred long-haul destination. With new chapter begin, we encourage travellers to take a “Meaningful” trip to Thailand and ‘write their own stories and chapters’ which they can share with their family and friends.

Write your life’s new chapter in Amazing Thainess, watch it here


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The authentic and untouched feeling of Khanom
Text & Photo: Mette Solberg Fjeldheim Drrr, drrr, drrr … I’m in a fishing boat, surrounded by the sea, jungle covered hilltops and armed with a camera. What we’re looking for? The famous, pink dolphins of Khanom!  The boat has just made a stop and the only sound we can hear, is waves rocking the boat and a slight breeze of the wind.  –  You see there? Our guide breaks the silence. – A baby dolphin! This one is grey, as they have to grow older to get that characteristic pink look. But seeing a baby means the mother is close by, our guide explains. –  If we wait here, at a distance, we will see more dolphins.  So we wait. And we see: Yes, they are pink!  Some time ago, I visited Khanom, a less touristic area in the South of Thailand. This is an area in the province Nakhon Si Thammarat, away from mass tourism. Khanom is a beach town where local fishermen and farmers reside and only few have turned to tourism. Some of them take tourists like us out to see the pink dolphins. Others run smaller boutique resorts, like Natasha, whom I met visiting her boutique resort Le Pes Villa.  – This used to be a banana plantation, she explains.  She tells me she was only 26 years old when she returned home from studying abroad. She decided to start building a small resort with restaurant and coffee shop. Situated in the hills, a short drive from the beach, it gives a jungle-like, secluded feel to the place.  We’re walking and talking in her garden, tended by her mother. Small signs are planted next to colorful flowers offering words of wisdom, like “Live your life and forget your age”. It gives a certain personal touch to it all.  At her restaurant she serves homemade, local dishes decorated with flowers. Before leaving, I head to her small coffee shop and order take away as if I was in a big city.  Yet, Khanom seems to be far, far away from the busy, bustling city life. And it is. The beaches here are quiet, the nature wild and green. Many of the resorts are small, family run and the food is simply delicious. With restaurants offering traditional Thai food based on locally grown vegetables and fresh fish from the ocean, you can’t go wrong.  While staying the night at the even more secluded Baan Thong Ching, which seems far away from any other resort, it feels like I am stranded on an isolated island. The French co-owner, Max, serves us the catch of today with a bottle of wine. The interior is a mix of traditional Thai and European shabby chic style. The lit light bulbs give a certain unmissable cozy feel.  With my feet in the sand, underneath the starry sky, I feel miles away from any overcrowded touristic hotspot. As I fall asleep to the waves hitting the shore, I can’t help but look forward to waking up to yet a sunny sky, a long stroll by the beach and a swim the next day. A morning swim to start the day, in the blue ocean surrounded by jungle clad hills and soft, sandy shores. How to get there By plane to Nakorn Si Thammarat, which is an hour flight from BKK. Then a 1,20 min. drive from the airport.   reiselykke
Pak Khlong Talat
Text & Photo : Stefan Christensen Wake Up and Smell the Flowers As we all know, most big cities do not smell particularly pleasant. There, however, are a few places where you can get a doft of heaven while enjoying your breakfast. In Bangkok that place is Pak Khlong Talat. A Legacy Market Pak Khlong Talat is Bangkok’s flower market, a marketplace that hails back to the reign of King Rama I. Considered the founder of modern day Bangkok, he moved the capital across the Chao Phraya river from the Thonburi side in 1782. The Pak Khlong Talat location is probably Bangkok´s oldest still functioning marketplace. The market has been home to several different kinds of markets over the years. It began as a floating market where just about anything could be purchased and once was Bangkok`s dedicated fish market. Beginning about seventy years ago, it became home to flowers, fruits and vegetables. Florists Stocking Up Pak Khlong Talat is open 24/7 but most of the trading takes place at dawn, in the early hours of the day when the fresh produce has just been delivered either by truck or, in the traditional method, by boat on the Chao Phraya River. Produce arrives from numerous provinces surrounding Bangkok. Many Bangkok florists scramble to be the first in the morning to purchase the best the market has to offer in order to stock their shops each day. Many hotels also buy fresh flowers, fruits and veggies from the market. It is not surprising to see trucks with names of exclusive Bangkok hotels parked here in the morning with hotel employees picking up what is needed for the day. Flowers remain the main attraction here. Bulk sales of fruits and vegetables more commonly take place in other markets in the outskirts of Bangkok. Talat Thai Market is one such example. It lacks the charm of Pak Khlong Talat. Talat Thai is just efficient. Too Small to Expand Located on Rattanakosin Island where Bangkok was founded, there is little to no room for the market to expand. Thus, the market has been left un-touched by developers. It also has sentimental value to many Bangkok residents as it was perhaps here where their mothers first took them to visit what they think of as their childhood market. The market is visited by surprisingly few tourists, in part because it is somewhat of a hassle to get to from the tourist areas of Sukhumvit and Silom Roads through the slow moving Bangkok morning traffic. The fastest and most reliable transport option is via the Chao Phraya River. Ferries regularly move up and down the river servicing many areas.  One can disembark either at the Yodpiman Pier, Rachini Pier or Memorial Bridge Pier. A Great Start of the Day A new, better option to reach the market has fortunately arrived. Take the subway from Silom or Sukhumvit Station to Sanam Chai Station and arrive approximately 150 meters from the market – and this in less than 20 minutes travel time. One can simply walk around smelling all the wafting flower perfumes and being amazed at the variety of colors or one can indulge in the pleasure of buying both fruit and flowers. Here they are actually farm fresh! This is a great place to start the day in Bangkok. Many small cafés and coffee shops have sprung up in the area in recent years. Having brakfast here while indulging all that Pak Khlong Talat has to offer is a great start of the day. Location click here Destination Asien