Thailand Opening

Effective from 1 May 2022, Thailand ends Test & Go and Sandbox schemes. The removal of the PCR testings for travellers effectively abolishes the Test & Go and Sandbox schemes.

Updated 4 May 2022

Thailand Covid-19 update

From 1 May 2022, Thailand ends Test & Go and Sandbox schemes. Thailand pass, the  the online pre-registration system, remains, but opt to simplify the process.

Fully vaccinated for Covid-19 travellers will no longer need to show a negative RT-PCR test before departure, nor to take a PCR test on arrival. There is no longer a need to book a SHA+ hotel for one night while waiting for the result. The removal of the PCR testing for vaccinated travellers effectively abolishes the Test & Go entry scheme.

Unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated travellers, who have submitted a negative PCR test within 72 hours before departure via the Thailand Pass system, will be treated the SAME as vaccinated travellers, with no PCR test on arrival OR quarantine.

Unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated travellers who do not submit a negative PCR test prior to departure will still be required to quarantine for 5 days upon arrival, with a PCR test on day 5.

ATK test on Day 5 is recommended.

Insurance coverage requirements minimum 10,000USD.

To visit Thailand, all travelers are required to register through Thailand Pass ( Register online no later than 7 days before departure.

All travelers must download and install the Morchana application.

Travel with children

  • Children under 18 years traveling with fully vaccinated parents do not need to show a negative RT-PCR test 72 hours before departure. They will be treated in the same scheme as fully vaccinated travellers.
  • Children age 6-17 years traveling with unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated parents are required to show a negative RT-PCR test 72 hours before departure.
  • Children under 6 years do not need to show a negative RT-PCR test 72 hours before departure

Travelers with Covid-19 history

  • Those who have recovered from Covid-19 must present a certificate of recovery (Immunity Pass) together with a certificate of vaccination showing 1 dose of an accepted vaccine.

What happens if you received a positive RT-PCR result?

  • Minimal 10 days in the hospital, hospital hotel isolation, or community isolation depending on medical advice. Stay in the room only. They should not leave their accommodation unless utmost necessary and must notify the Communicable Disease Control officer in charge.
  • After having recovered from COVID-19, they will receive a medical certificate of recovery.
  • From 1 February 2022, the high-risk contacts are required for a 7 days quarantine (previously 10 days quarantine).

Contact the Royal Thai Embassy in your home country for more information.

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Fun Things For Kids in Hua Hin
Story by Aleenta Two and a half hours south of Bangkok is the lovely Hua Hin district, a popular family destination with myriad activities and attractions everyone in the family can enjoy. Hua Hin is a beach resort town and is focused on food, fun, and relaxing family-oriented attractions. Take a foodie tour to sample all the native delicacies. Splash around at the Black Mountain Water Park. Stroll through the Cicada Market for a shopping experience unlike any other. The possibilities are endless. FUN THINGS FOR KIDS 1. Hua Hin Beach This gorgeous beach is exceptionally clean too, making it a great choice for a day with the kids. Swim the day away in the warm blue waters. The water is shallow with sand bars throughout. If you prefer, walk along the vast stretch of beach and stop at one of the cozy stands for a cold drink and snack. Splash in the tide and examine the shells and tiny particles in the water. View: Best Beaches in Hua Hin 2. Amphawa Floating Market Approximately an hour from Hua Hin is the Amphawa Floating Market. Take a small wooden boat along the river in the Samut Songkhram Province. Shop for souvenirs, local dishes, clothes, and toys from the floating vendors. Walk along the canal for more shopping and visit the petting zoo. Children delight in the boat ride and the many candies, desserts, and sweets along the way. A visit to the mini zoo gets them a close up look at deer, ostriches, boars, goats, and peacocks. It is a wonderful photo opportunity amid the gorgeous flora and fauna. When dusk arrives, it brings with it a cascade of fireflies that brighten the canal with their flickering lights. Children are awed at the fantasy twinkling effect. You can find a day tour from your Hua Hin resort whenever you’re ready. 3. Black Mountain Water Park What kid can resist a water park? Black Mountain Water Park has 55 feet slides, a wave pool, a river, a children’s pool, and the biggest wave in Thailand. Ride a wave board, slide down all nine of the slides, and do a few laps in the pools. No matter how your family likes to get wet you can do it here. The wake park is a fun experience for bigger kids. There is a golf course too for the families that play together. 4. Hatsadin Elephant Foundation At this foundation, guests can walk alongside an elephant and feed it. Families can touch and talk with an Asian elephant and experience its majesty first-hand. You can even shower the elephant when your visit is over. There are also educational activities if your little one is afraid of being too near the animals. If you’re the adventurous sort you can buy a 20-minute bareback ride and a basket of fruit to feed it afterwards. 5. For Arts Sake 4D Museum This museum that lets you be part of the art is as fun for adults as it is children. It’s OK for kids to not only touch the exhibits here but step inside and be part of them. The large two-level facility is divided into several interest zones suitable for various age groups. Each art exhibit is suitable for photos. You will go home with pictures of your family in a chilly winter snow globe and reaching for the mouth of a giant gumball machine. Use the photo of your children as boxed Christmas dolls as a holiday card. Your friends back home will be astonished at a photo of you barely escaping the jaws of a Great White shark. The fun here is endless. 6. Khao Luang Cave Tour Inside this huge natural cave, you will find a huge Buddha sculpture and many smaller statuettes throughout. The light shines through the rock exterior giving the place an even more ethereal ambience. The golden Buddhas, cast by order of King Chulalongkorn, shine in the dappled sunlight and make extraordinary picture opportunities. Visitors come to this quiet and serene cave to pay respect to the Buddha with candles and incense. It is a perfect chance to admire the beauty of a culture while learning something new. 7. Swiss Sheep Farm Children are always enraptured by animals. This scenic attraction features a windmill, green meadows, milk churns, sheep and other farm animals. Children can pet the sheep and ride a pony. Interact with goats, chickens, horses, rabbits, alpaca, and even fish. Kids learn how a farm works and how animals contribute to society. There are quick lessons in milk and butter churning as well. You can easily spend an entire day here. 8. Monkey Mountain Another fun animal adventure is a trip to Monkey Mountain. This mountain is known for its many monkeys and the giant shining statue of Buddha visible from Hua Hin Beach. At the top of the mountain is Wat Khao Lad temple. It is known as the monkey temple for the hundreds of monkeys that live there. Visitors can get to the top by road via tuk-tuk, a taxi cab, or ride a bike. A more picturesque way to the top is to take the stairs. The trip up offers many stunning views of Hua Hin. There is also a Chinese temple with ancient Chinese paintings. This trip is a unique way to enjoy nature and learn about the culture and environment together. Hua Hin is an amazing place for children to explore. The many attractions offer both entertainment and education. Whether it’s frolicking on the beach or becoming a piece of art or even walking with the elephants, there is something that every child can enjoy in this serene and beautiful province of Thailand. Read more ALEENTA HUA HIN
Katathong, hidden pearl of Thailand
Written by JUHA-MATTI VUORINEN Have you heard about Katathong Golf Resort in Phang-nga? It is a relatively new golf resort that not many people have heard about.  “I hadn’t heard about it until recently.  It was a coincidence that I ended up here at Katathong Golf Resort. I was at a meeting in Hua Hin on Saturday where I mentioned that I was going to drive to Phuket on Sunday. At the same table sat a Thai man who asked why I wouldn’t leave a little earlier and visit a resort in Phangnga that he had been setting up five years ago”, says Juha-Matti Vuorinen, a pro golfer in Thailand. Katathong Golf Resort is located in Phanga province about 1-hour drive from Phuket and about 40 km away from Khao Lak. The course is literally “hidden” in a valley surrounded by mountains. Tranquility and away from the hustle and bustle is probably close to how to describe this course. It offers mountain views from every part of the course. The course includes 18 holes, a range, two putt and chipping green, and a training bunker. “Katathong Golf is one of the most interesting courses, especially its layout, I have ever played in Thailand. Each fairway has its own character and it feels like I have never played once”, says Vuorinen. Most holes follow the natural contours of the land. Fairways are not long, but very narrow. The par-3’s holes are all up-and-down and offer significant changes. Greens are for the most part flat. There are several fairways that are played steep downhill. The course is classified as Championship level and is challenging, but still playable for those who have less experience.  Resourceful and reliable caddy Caddy praised my game a lot after the third fairway: “I’ve never seen anyone play so well.” Suddenly, my back straightened. I did par-par-bogey, and I felt like I was Rory. I found out later that I was his second client, as he had started only a few days ago. The caddy training deserves a special mention, as he was resourceful and good at his job, sharing lots of information about the fairways and knowing all the rules of golf – I tested him on purpose. All of this thanks to the good caddie training at the course. All caddies need to undergo a two-week training that ends with an exam Amazing breakfast The food at the resort was excellent (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Adjacent to the clubhouse is a 75-room hotel that has been officially rated four stars but is fully equivalent in quality to a five-star hotel.  Rooms are available in five categories (superior, deluxe, suite, family suite and bungalow). The resort’s internet worked perfectly, so distant working can be easily combined while on holiday. This resort is definitely worth joining for your next vacation if you plan to be in Khao Lak or Phuket. At its best, it’s worth staying a few nights and playing a few rounds in the tranquil settings before heading back to the busy life in town. The staff deserves special mention for their friendliness, helpfulness and their English language skills. I am sure this resort will still gain great popularity as the word spreads and the situation in the world improves! Contact information Juha-Matti “Juhis” Vuorinen is a golf teacher and progolfer. He lives half of the year in Thailand and the second half in Finland. He provides golf services and tours in Thailand.  Juha-Matti ”Jimmie” Vuorinen Golf Professional +66928086911 (thai) +358443026196 (fin) LINE,WhatsApp,iMessage,FaceTime,Messenger  FB: GOLF Juha-Matti Vuorinen IG: juhamattiv
Many spoils await golfers in Thailand
Playing golf in Thailand is not like anywhere else in the world. Many spoils are awaiting which makes the country to be one of the world’s great golfing destinations. High-quality courses, top-class services, smiling caddies, favorable climate, and competitive price level make Thailand a true golf paradise. Golf has a history and tradition in Thailand dating back to the 1890s. It has served as a ground for the development of golf tourism in the country in recent decades. The first golf course was built in 1923 in Hua Hin. Since then, the Thai Golf Association has nurtured wave after wave of aspiring pro golfers and attracted international elites to visit the country. Thanks to the favorable climate, plenty of high-quality golf courses around the country as well as the diversity of the landscapes and activities, these have shaped Thailand into a great golf destination. Here are some reasons why Thailand is a great country to visit for your golf holiday. All-inclusive The service culture is deeply rooted in Thai culture. Thais want the guests to feel happy and welcomed and this culture has shaped the golf packages offered to golfers. It is easy and convenient with all-inclusive as well as flexible services tailor-made specifically to golf enthusiasts to enjoy their golf holiday in Thailand. “Whatever services a golfer wants, most of them can be arranged. It is as simple as that. The golfers just focus on their golf games, their swings and enjoy the beautiful layouts while other services and logistics can be fixed by a local golf operator,” says Juha-Matti Vuorinen, who organizes and provides ground services for golf trips to Thailand through his company. Easy accessible Many golf courses and golf resorts are located near Thailand’s main tourist destinations in Phuket, Hua Hin, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Bangkok with good transport connections. In addition, it is a short driving distance from the cities to the courses, generally no more than 30 minutes. Around Bangkok, it can take longer to go to golf courses. This is because of the size of the city. High standard The level of service in all golf courses is very high and the courses are well-designed. Guests are warmly welcomed, the caddies are skillful and the staff is fluent in English. The clubhouses and locker rooms are stylish. The tropical climate creates the best possible conditions for the green. Labor in Thailand is cheap which is why the golf courses are practically always well-maintained and in excellent condition. Value for money  The price level for Thai golf services is very reasonable. Golf courses have virtually outsourced the sale and marketing to tour operators and agencies. The majority of green fees are offered as part of a golf package that also includes transportation and caddy fees.  “The price range is between 50-120 euros for the whole package. It is good value for money, Golfers get a high-quality golf service with transportation at a reasonable price”, Vuorinen concludes.        Diversity Thailand is a great golf destination with a diversity of activities for golfers and non-golfers. Regardless of the destination golfers choose, there are countless different levels of golf courses and resorts. Among activities, visiting national parks, waterfalls, or vineyards, have significantly increased their popularity in recent years. “There are a lot of activities to enjoy. A day at a cooking school deepens the understanding of Thai food culture. ” For golf enthusiasts, Thailand is a real golf destination regardless of where in Thailand you want to visit. “The wide range of the restaurants and the low price level are a bonus. In addition to local cuisine, there are high-quality eateries as well as Michelin Star restaurants in Thailand where you can enjoy French, Italian, Japanese, and Argentinean cuisine at very reasonable prices, ”Vuorinen says. Read more about Juha-Matti’s tips about his favroute golf courses around Thailand here. Contact information Juha-Matti ”Jimmie” Vuorinen, Golf Professional Juha-Matti “Juhis” Vuorinen is a golf teacher and progolfer. He lives half of the year in Thailand and the second half in Finland. He provides golf services and tours in Thailand.  +66 92 808 6911 (thai) +358 44 302 6196 (Finland) LINE,WhatsApp,iMessage,FaceTime,Messenger  FB: GOLF Juha-Matti Vuorinen IG: juhamattiv