Happy New Year 2021 best wishes to the world

IT’s the beginning of a brand-new year.
May 2021 be a year of Happiness… A year of great health…
And also a year of smile… Wishing you a very Happy New Year
Until, we meet again. Amazing Thailand



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Love Is in the Air –Thailand’s Top 5 Romantic Destinations
Text & Photo : Antti Helin Are you wondering where to take the love of your life for a romantic getaway in Thailand? Where to find the most romantic hotel or a secluded paradise setting where you two can lie under the shade of palm trees and dip into the turquoise sea? Here are the most romantic destinations in Thailand. 1 Koh Samui – Red Pools and Spirited Spas Red is the color of love, isn’t it? So, what would be a better place for a honeymoon in Thailand than The Library, the resort with the world-famous red swimming pool. The stylish resort is located on Koh Samui’s most popular beach Chaweng, the center of the island’s nightlife. If you are looking for a more secluded spot, a great option is the stunning Choeng Mon Beach, which curves to a perfect paradise bay. Here you will find ultra-romantic Sala Samui, which has Jacuzzis on every room balcony. The great thing about Thailand’s third largest island is that it is big enough for you to find all sorts of sights and activities, yet small enough to feel like you are still in an island paradise. Beside beaches Koh Samui has intriguing temples, stylish restaurants, lively nightlife, and an atmospheric old town to soak in the local atmosphere. You can take a dip under waterfalls and make an excursion to the Ang Thong Marine Park’s deserted islands, which inspired Alex Garland to write his book The Beach. For Sunday brunch you should head to Thailand’s most famous beach club, Nikki Beach Resort. And don’t forget to visit Tamarind Springs Forest Spa, one of Thailand’s most lovely spas. The spa is located in a peaceful, natural jungle cove where the steam baths and cool pools are set among impressive rock boulders. In the past this used to be the meditation place for Samui’s most famous hermit monk. You just can’t find a more spiritual place for a spa. After all the pampering you will feel all loved up and relaxed. 2 Koh Ngai – Romantic Little Paradise Island If you are looking for a deserted and romantic paradise island, surprise your sweetheart and take him or her to Koh Ngai island, also known as Koh Hai. This small, jungle covered island has no roads, no cars, not even a single motorbike. Instead it has powdery white beaches and the sea so turquoise it looks like painted with watercolors. Bizarre-looking limestone islets dot the horizon making a perfect backdrop for lazy days on the beach and for snorkeling. The island has a handful of bungalow resorts and they are all of boutique-style in a rustic way, blending perfectly to the natural environment. From the sea you can hardly notice their presence. Take for example the Mayalay resort, which looks just like a movie set in a native village on a faraway island. The bungalows have thatched roofs and bamboo-walls, but inside the rooms are spacious and comfortable luxury versions of old-time bamboo huts. Here you can live your Robinson Crusoe fantasy with a hint of luxury. 3 Krabi – Action Packed Honeymoon on Secluded Tubkaek Beach But what if you are not sure you can just chill-through your entire holiday, not even with the love of your life? If you are a more adventure-oriented couple, your choice should be Krabi. In Krabi you can enjoy a variety of activities amidst the gorgeous looking limestone scenery: scuba diving, kayaking, rock climbing and island hopping. You can also arrange an overnight stay on the unbelievably beautiful deserted island Koh Hong. That will be a romantic experience of a lifetime. Even if Krabi’s main beaches may be a tad too busy for that exquisite romantic moments, you will find peace and serenity on the scenic Tubkaek Beach. The beach has just a handful of resorts, such as the stylish Tubkaak Resort, where the only noise at night will be the buzz of the cicadas from the jungle that expands right behind the beach. 4 Koh Kood – for Couples Who Love Nature If you are looking for a something bigger than Koh Ngai but more untouched than Koh Samui or Krabi, here is the island for you. Until a few years back, Koh Kood was almost a secret island. Few have heard of it, even fewer have visited the island, even if it lies not too far from popular island getaway, Koh Chang. Koh Kood is simply a stunner. The island is big, yet mostly covered in jungle. Beaches are long and white and the sea crystal clear. There is good snorkeling in several of the beaches, and you can trek to waterfalls without crowds. Koh Kood first rose to fame after an ultra-luxury hotel Soneva Kiri opened on the island. If money is not a problem, it is an unforgettable place to stay. You can watch movies under the stars and enjoy dinner in a cocoon high up in the trees. Nowadays, you can also find more moderately priced options like the stylish Cham’s House, which sits on its own beach. The resort’s octagonal rooms and villas are positioned for guest to enjoy the best views. Here you can enjoy magical moments: go floating in the sea, and you can hear the little shells and bits of coral jingling on the sandy bottom like coins in a treasure chest. Koh Kood is a true treasure, one of Thailand’s last islands, developed but not yet too crowded with guest houses and hotels. A place you can’t resists but fall in love with. 5 Khao Lak – the Candle Lit Dinner You Will Never Forget Looking for peace and quiet? What about an adults only luxury hotel? The Sarojin, one Thailand’s most celebrated hotels, located in Khao Lak is the ultimate escape for romantic couples. Khao Lak, is a beach getaway and diving destination on the coast next to Phuket. The elegant hotel is for adults only. Days start with a champagne breakfast, and if you wish so,...
7 Wonders of Thailand – Don’t Miss These Top Sights of Thailand
Text & Photo : Antti Helin Besides its fabulous beaches Thailand has a lot to offer for travelers interested in culture and history. So here they are, the top sights of Thailand from mythical ruined cities and otherworldly temples to one of Asia’s most beautiful old towns.  Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew – Here Lives the Soul of Thailand The sight is spellbinding. The spires of Bangkok’s Grand Palace and adjacent Wat Phra Kaew temple glow golden as the sunlight is reflected from the thousands of tiny mirror pieces covering the walls of the buildings.  Step inside the main temple, and there he sits, atop a high glimmering throne, the Emerald Buddha, Thailand’s most holy artefact. It is said that the soul of the whole country resides in this statue. As long as the Emerald Buddha sits in his throne, Thailand will flourish. Grand Palace is located in Bangkok’s royal heart, the Rattanakosin, and almost next door you will find two other highlights of the capital, Wat Po and the National museum. Wat Po is famed for its majestic reclining Buddha statue, and National Museum houses one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of Southeast Asian art, making it an excellent introduction to Thai history, art and craft.  Ayutthaya and the Buddha Statue that Has Seen it All The roots of a big banyan have engulfed the head of a Buddha statue under its embrace. The head doesn’t seem to mind, its smile is wise and soothing, like saying that no matter what happens, life will go on. That statue, in front of Wat Mahathat’s ruins, is one of the most enchanting sights of Ayutthaya. It has seen a lot, the glory days of Ayutthaya, the former capital of Siam, and its destruction by the invading Burmese army in 1767. When the Burmese left, only ruins and fantastic legends remained of the city that had flourished for over 400 years. The stories of old Ayutthaya are among the most loved in Thailand, and an endless source for Thai movies, which blend seamlessly history and sword wielding fantasy. After the sacking of Ayutthaya, the Thais established their center of power in present day Bangkok.  You can visit Ayutthaya as a day trip from the capital, but there is so much to see and experience, it is better to stay overnight. That way you can see the ruins in the beautiful golden light of late afternoon and early morning. And maybe enjoy a few more precious moments under the warm and wise smile of that old statue embraced by the banyan tree. Sukhothai – Meet the Oracle of Thailand Even long before Ayutthaya, the Thais settled their first kingdom in Sukhothai, which lies in its sublime solitude in the central plains of Thailand. Sukhothai is considered as the place where the kingdom of Siam was originally coined together by the wise and rightful king Ram Khamhaeng.  One of the highlights of Sukhothai is Wat Si Chum, a temple, where a 15-meter tall Buddha statue is sitting cross legged in deep meditation. Many consider it one of the most beautiful statues in Thailand, yet it is also one of the most mystical.  It was used as a kind of an oracle by the kings of Sukhothai, or so the local legend says. The king would walk up a secret staircase behind the head of the statue and it sounded like the statue itself was talking words of wisdom to the crowds.  The original, finely decorated staircase is closed to the public, but a copy has been built in the Sukhothai National Museum.  Sukhothai is located about halfway between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. The slightly out of the way location has kept it delightfully sedate. In the early mornings and late evenings, you can feel like the only visitor amongst the ruins. And maybe, if you listen carefully, you can hear the Delphian Buddha statue to talk to you too. Chiang Rai in Black and White The northernmost city of Thailand, Chiang Rai, is home to two mesmerizing buildings that will leave you touched. Chiang Rai’s White Temple and Black House are like opposite yin and yang forces to each other. Both are the works of contemporary artists. Chalermchai Kositpipat has built his masterpiece Wat Rong Khun on shining white and decorated it from the outside all over with fantastic carvings. The inside is even more arresting. Instead of Buddhist stories and folk tales, the murals depict superheroes and other popular culture characters waging the war of good against evil. On the opposite side of the city is the Baandam Museum, The Black House. Artist Thawan Duchanee has filled his impressive, traditional style teak wood buildings with menacingly gloomy collection of skins, bones and teeth of a wide array of animals as if wanting to say, that we can’t rely on heroes only, but we all need to change right now the way we live, or the end is night. Nan’s Romantic Temple  A tattooed man with hipster-like mustache whispers something to a woman who looks at him charmingly. Does the man confess love, or what is in his mind? The enigmatic temple mural has earned the remote northern town of Nan the nickname, the City of Whisper. The Whisper is the most famous of Wat Phumin’s temple murals, but the other pictures are as fascinating, vividly depicting everyday life of this remote small town in the late 19th century. A painting representing a remarkable beauty has been named the Madonna of Nan. In many paintings, both men and women smoke thick Burmese-type cigars. Smoking was once a good way to flirt. The man could ask the woman for a fire, which the woman bowed to offer from her own tobacco. This gave the man a good opportunity to tell the woman about his feelings. Situated close to the Laotian border, surrounded by mountains, little visited Nan is one of the most peaceful destinations in Northern Thailand. Even the residents of...