Meet us at Ferie for Alle 2023

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) will exhibit at Ferie for Alle fair 2023 in Herning, Denmark during 24-26 Febraury. Come and meet us. Get inspiration and update what is on in Thailand for your next holiday.


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Tips on how to travel to Thailand this winter while saving some money
All of us are facing a tough economic situation. Electricity prices break records every month. The interest rate and the food costs are higher, but our salary does not develop at the same pace as as our cost of living. Consequently, many hold their wallets tight. It is a big stress factor. But travel is a part of our culture, and our well-being should definitely be prioritised. Let’s imagine that you are lying under the shade of the palm trees overlooking the turquoise blue water in the tropical warm climate and you are wondering how to escape the stress and enjoy a holiday. We have gathered some tips on how to plan your vacation to get the most value for your money or even lower your travel budget and at the same time enjoy your holiday in Thailand.  Travelling to Thailand this winter does not necessarily mean draining your wallet, if you plan the trip well in advance. The Thailand trip can even be a great value for your money and your household budget. The living costs in Thailand are much lower than here. The airfare is only the biggest part of your travel cost, but other living costs in Thailand are much less. The new norm of remote working allows us to spend work and leisure that fits our life. You can enjoy the tropical climate, lying under the shades of palm trees on an amazing beautiful beach while enjoying the friendly hospitality and feel like it is your second home. It is an ultimate well-being of work life and holiday in balance while saving the household budget. Plan your trip well in advance  The first priority is to book your flights. The travel industry has started getting back to normal, yet flights to Thailand are not as many as you have experienced before. It is very important to secure how to get there while not spending huge amounts of money on your flights.  Plan ahead and put into the calendar when you can travel to Thailand with your family and your company. Book your flights at least 3 months in advance to get a good deal.  Lower hotel price in Thailand  Average hotel prices in Thailand in many areas are generally lower than the level before the pandemic (2019) In Phuket, the daily average rate in 2022 is about 21% lower than the rate in 2019. If you look for a luxury trip, recently named Bangkok as the most cost-effective city for a luxury holiday across the globe. In addition, there are wide ranges of hotels to fit your wallet from budget to luxury types. While there are not yet many tourists in Thailand, many hotels offer discounts and some with free cancellation. Do not wait until the last minute to book your hotel nights. Book in advance and you might get a good deal.  Cheap cost for travel within Thailand There are a wide range of low-cost airlines, buses and trains  to choose from. With such a small budget, you can travel conveniently domestically. For example, a flight from Bangkok to Phuket with NOK Air starts from 700 THB or about 200 SEK. The exchange rate is 1 SEK is about 3.5 THB (based on date 8 September 2022) Lower cost of living in Thailand The cost of living in Thailand is affordable for the Nordic wallet. The cost of living in Thailand is about 36.94% lower than in Sweden. Despite the high inflation rate around the globe, the cost of living in Thailand remains reasonable. Meals in an inexpensive restaurant cost about 70 THB (20 SEK), meals for 2 persons in a mid-ranged restaurant costs about 800 THB (240 SEK). The local beer costs 65 THB (19 SEK). Taxi starts from 35 THB (about 10 SEK) A family of four estimated monthly costs about 19,000SEK without rent A single person estimated monthly costs about 5,260SEK without rent Rent on Thailand is, on average, 44% lower than in Sweden Generous Visa benefits  Working culture and lifestyle has changed. Many companies have applied hybrid working, allowing their employees to do remote working. To push the winter travel, the Thai government has recently announced visa free for 45 days effective from 1 October 2022 until the end of March 2023. It means that you can stay longer in Thailand up to 45 days without applying for a visa and combine working while enjoying the warm weather this winter. It becomes much easier to combine work and holiday in Thailand. For digital nomads who plan to stay longer, the Thai government has launched the long term resident visa with generous benefits. Among them, a visa with 10-year validity (which can be extended). The requirement to report to immigration once a year instead of every 90 days, fast track service, multiple re-entry visit, permission to work in Thailand and many more. Plenty Co-working space  In Thailand co-working spaces have recently been established, not only in Bangkok, but also in tourist destinations such as Phuket, Chiang Mai or Koh Lanta. You can find our guide about digital nomad in Thailand where you can find good co-working spaces with high internet speed, friendly and modern as well as a tropical atmosphere. More time to explore Thailand in one trip Many may experience boredom when staying in the same place. Staying longer means you can enjoy different experiences in the same trip from adventure in the north to relaxing in the south without paying twice the air tickets. Benefit of having a holiday in Thailand is that you can enjoy many activities that fit your interest. It can be golf, snorkelling, cycling, surfing or learning how to cook authentic Thai food. While few places are better for a sun-drenched break, there’s so much more to discover in Thailand. Head north to Chiang Mai for the very best in fresh Thai cooking and long bike rides through the surrounding hills and paddy fields. Trek the forests and mountains near Chiang Rai. Bangkok, meanwhile,...
Guide to 10 New things to do in Bangkok
Bangkok is one of Thailand’s most vibrant cities. You will never get dull in the city that never sleeps. After the awakening of the pandemic, Bangkok came back to life with so many new things happening. This is definitely one of the reasons why Bangkok retains “The Best City” according to DestinAsian magazine’s 2022 Readers’ Choice Awards.  Travelers are familiar with major tourist attractions in Bangkok including historical or religious sites such as Wat Phra Sri Rattana Satsadaram (Phra Kaew), Wat Pho, Temple of dawn (Wat Arun),Grand palace and shopping centers as well as Chatuchak Weekend Market, one of the world’s largest outdoor markets.  But Bangkok has more new things to offer. Here is our guide to what you can do in Bangkok that you may not know before. 1. City run Bangkok’s morning is already filled with life. Food stalls begin to set up and Bangkokians are out for their exercise.  Benjakitti Park has a new large and impressive section resembling a natural wetland, a wonderful place for a morning jog. Unlike other public parks, this park is a unique blend of modern, minimalist and naturalistic. You can walk, run or bike on a bike lane path made especially for the riders. The highlights include a nearly two-kilometer long skywalk criss crossing path with a lovely view of wetland encouraging you to keep walking and explore. The park is just 15 minutes’ walk from BTS Asok station and Sukhumvit station of the MRT underground.  2. Thrifting and vintage markets For vintage lovers either it is art, furniture or clothes, Bangkok is your heaven. Many people are familiar with shopping at ChatuChak (JJ) weekend market. Few are aware that in Zone 5 and 6 are where you can find vintage T-shirts, jeans, bags, army gear and even handmade re-new clothes. If you are looking for arts and antiques, then head over to Zone 26.  From Monday to Sunday there is a new shopping spot just opposite to Chatuchak market called Red building or Tuek Dang (Bangsue Junction). This air conditioning flea market is an ideal for all sorts of second hand items whether they are antiques or vintage things. You can find home décor, furniture, old books, and vintage clothes & accessories or even collectibles toys.  Just a little bit outside the city center is Patthavikorn Market where one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  Here is where you can get a thrill from digging into a mountain of random products and picking out something to your liking. It could be clothes, cassette tape, used auto parts, kitchenware, Buddhist amulets, classic film cameras or old comic books. 3. Get lost in the metro forest   Just a little bit outskirt of Bangkok,  20 minutes drive from Suvarnabhumi Airport lies PTT Forest Station. A natural green wasteland has been rehabilitated for the city of Bangkok and is used as a learning center. Even though it was established in 2015 by PTT, Thailand’s state-owned oil and gas behemoth as part of their reforestation, it is still hidden to most foreign travelers.  Visitors are welcomed to stroll down the  floating wooden walkway through the property that offers a canopy view of the beautiful forest. Metro Forest is where diverse types of trees native to Bangkok can be found.  4. Bangkok’s new green park As part of the projects to celebrate 250 years of Bangkok, the city just opened Chong Nonsi canal park, the first canal park in Thailand. It will have a total distance of 9 kilometers on both sides when the project completes in August 2022.  It aims to bring people and the canal closer together like in the past. Bangkok has also been known as “East Venice” as the city life was surrounded by many of these small canals. The canal park resembles Bangkok as it once was but with a modern touch.  A zigzagging elevated path connecting Chong Nonsi Skywalk to the linear park is a beautiful greenery sight  particularly when it’s lit up at night. Easy getting there by taking BTS to Chong Nonsi station.  Another new green project in town is The Chao Phraya Sky Park, the first garden bridge park that connects Bangkok with its sister city Thonburi. The bridge is a beautiful pedestrian walkway, approximately 280 meters long. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of the river and surroundings. It is also a charming space for an afternoon or evening stroll.  5. High on cafe hopping  Digital nomad or not, Bangkok is welcoming you for a cup of coffee at various cafés around town. We recommend Piccolo Vicolo Cafe, a 50-year-old shophouse that’s decorated with wooden vintage decor and some greenery tucked away in a little alley in Ratchathewi area close  to MBK mall. A couple of unconventional signature drinks are a must try on the menu.   Thailand’s first cacao-centric bistro, 31 Degrees is another recommended café located in Sathorn. Here you can try Thailand’s origin cacao beans, sourced from their own estate in the north and growers across the country, allowing  you to explore the varying flavors of the region. This place is not only for travelers with a sweet tooth but the bistro also offers organic light food as well.  Cannabis restaurants and cafés are also new exciting things happening in Bangkok. This is due to more relaxed government policies on the use of cannabis in the food and cosmetics industries. Parts of the plant containing less than 0.2% thc, the psychoactive compound in cannabis, could legally be used in cosmetics and food. If you’re hooked up on the new trend, head to Highland Café. You find not only delicious desserts but they also serve  international and Thai food with a touch of cannabis.  6. New Taksin Area – the luxurious vibe If you are looking for stylish riverside hotels in the new area, look no longer than the south of the Takin bridge. The Four Seasons at Chao Phraya River is located in this neighborhood with luxurious cafés, The BKK Social...